Conveniently Located in Cedar Rapids

The first Bigg Daddy's food cart opened in downtown Cedar Rapids, on the corner of 2nd Street and 3rd Avenue SE during the summer of 2009. Serving the very-popular Nathan's Hot Dog as our feature item, we also added in a 9-inch Brat and an authentic Philly cheesesteak.

Takeout and delivery options

As the food cart became successful, we added another one down the street to offer tacos and gyros. Then, came the restaurant at 629 12th Avenue SE.

Because of our customers, we were able to provide you a place to come and enjoy our food. We're even considering opening another restaurant in the next couple of years.

Providing you with quality service

  • Our customers are the reason for our success
  • This is a great place to bring your kids and eat as a family
  • We offer outdoor seating

Full menu and catering options available

Bigg Daddy's has smoked brisket, hot dogs, burgers, and more ready for you to eat. Take advantage of our specialized catering menu and the daily specials we have to offer.